Buying the Reports

Previous and current printed editions of the Queensland Reports, as well as individual volumes to fill gaps in existing sets, can be purchased without an annual subscription through the ICLRQ Online Customer Portal. Please note if you do not have an account for the ICLRQ Online Customer Portal, you will need to create one.

The following are available for purchase (subject to availability):

  • any set from the 1983 to 2017 Reports (consisting of two volumes) for $132 AUD per set; or
  • any set from the 2018 and 2019 Reports (consisting of three bound volumes) for $198.00 AUD per set; or
  • any set of volumes from the new series (consisting of three bound volumes; currently up to Volume 3) for $198 AUD per set of volumes; or
  • any individual volume from the 1860 to 2019 Reports and Volumes 1 to 3 of the new series for $66 AUD per individual volume.

The prices listed above include GST and postage within Australia; additional charges apply for tracked delivery within Australia and international postage.

A limited number of full sets of the Queensland Reports (1860 to 2020) are also available for purchase, without an annual subscription, at a discounted price of $3300 AUD (including GST and postage within Australia).

As a bonus, the first three volumes of the new series of the Reports (which commenced 2020), will also be included if you purchase a full set. This full set consists of 140 printed bound volumes:

  • Queensland Supreme Court Reports (1860 to 1881): five volumes bound into two books;
  • Beor’s Queensland Law Reports (1876 to 1878): three volumes bound into one book;
  • Queensland Law Journal Reports (1881 to 1901): 11 volumes bound into five books;
  • Queensland Reports (1902 to 1953): produced biennially, 26 bound volumes;
  • Queensland Reports (1954 to 1982): produced annually, 29 bound volumes;
  • Queensland Reports (1983 to 2017): produced biannually, 68 volumes;
  • Queensland Reports (2018 to 2019): produced triannually, 6 volumes; and
  • Volumes 1 to 3 of the new series of Queensland Reports (2020): produced triannually, 3 volumes).