List of Authorised Reports

In Australia, each of the superior courts has its own set of authorised reports. For the Australian superior courts, the authorised reports are currently:

  • Commonwealth Law Reports (CLR) (High Court of Australia);
  • Australian Capital Territory Law Reports (ACTLR) (Supreme Court of the ACT);
  • Federal Court Reports (FCR) (Federal Court of Australia);
  • New South Wales Law Reports (NSWLR) (Supreme Court of NSW);
  • Northern Territory Law Reports (NTLR) (Supreme Court of NT);
  • Queensland Reports (Qd R) (Supreme Court of Queensland);
  • South Australian State Reports (SASR) (Supreme Court of SA);
  • Tasmanian Reports (Tas R) (Supreme Court of Tasmania);
  • Victorian Reports (VR) (Supreme Court of Victoria); and
  • Western Australian Reports (WAR) (Supreme Court of WA).

In England and Wales, since 1866, the authorised reports have been The Law Reports, which currently include separate volumes of reports for:

  • Appeal Cases (AC);
  • Chancery Division (Ch or Ch D);
  • Queen’s Bench Division (QB or KB);
  • Family Division (Fam); and
  • Probate, Divorce and Admiralty Division (P or PD).

In New Zealand, the authorised reports are the New Zealand Law Reports (NZLR).