Under the Constitution of the ICLRQ, its primary object is of a charitable nature:

“The preparation and publication in a convenient form, at a moderate price, and under gratuitous professional superintendence and control, of Reports of Judicial Decisions of the Supreme Court in the State of Queensland.”

To the extent that any surplus is available, the ICLRQ is able to assist the Supreme Court Library by donations pursuant to the power:

“to supplement or assist any of the libraries of the Supreme Court of the State of Queensland by gifts of any of the publications of the Association or publications received by it or of such profits of the Association as the Council shall from time to time determine to donate.”

The Councillors of the ICLRQ are to be:

“Three members of the Bar of Queensland practising in the City of Brisbane and three Solicitors of the Supreme Court of Queensland practising in the City of Brisbane to be appointed by three of the Justices of the Supreme Court and such members shall retire at the end of every year but shall be eligible for re-appointment. The Incorporated Council shall also include the Attorney-General and the Solicitor-General and the Registrar of the Supreme Court at Brisbane for the time being, as ex-officio members, during the time they respectively hold their offices (if respectively willing to be and act as such members).”

The preparation of the Reports, however, is to be undertaken by Reporters under the supervision of Editors:

“The Reports shall be prepared by one or more Reporters and shall be under the supervision of an Editor or Editors if the Incorporated Council shall so direct and the copyright shall be vested in the Incorporated Council or in Trustees to be named by them. The Editors and Reporters shall be Barristers and shall be appointed and removable by the Incorporated Council.”

The Constitution of the ICLRQ cannot be amended without the consent in writing of three of the judges of the Supreme Court of Queensland.