About Us

The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for the State of Queensland (ICLRQ) is a charitable institution which was founded in 1907.


The principal function of the ICLRQ is to publish the authorised reports of the Supreme Court of Queensland – the Queensland Reports. This set of reports commenced in 1902 and continues to the present day.  It contains a selection of the key decisions of the Supreme Court, as corrected and approved by the deciding Judges. Printed sets of the Queensland Reports are available in public law libraries throughout Australia and overseas. They may also be purchased from the ICLRQ. New instalments of the Queensland Reports are issued by the ICLRQ to subscribers every month. These instalments are republished in bound volumes twice a year, adding about 1200 pages of reported judgments to the Queensland Reports annually. The volumes of the Queensland Reports from 1974 may also be accessed online through one of Australia’s principal subscription-based legal websites – www.lexisnexis.com.au.


It is the policy of the ICLRQ to further develop its own website, so that online access to the full set of the Queensland Reports, and all earlier reported Queensland judgments, is readily available to the courts, the legal profession and the public on a not-for-profit basis.  It is hoped that this will be achieved in 2017.


The members of the Council of the ICLRQ serve on a voluntary basis. The Council is primarily constituted by three practising barristers and three practising solicitors, all of whom are appointed annually by the Judges of the Supreme Court. There are also three ex officio members of the Council: the Attorney-General of Queensland, the Solicitor-General of Queensland and the Registrar of the Supreme Court. The Editors, Sub-Editors and Reporters are all practising members of the Queensland Bar who serve on a largely voluntary basis.


The offices of the Council are located in the Queen Elizabeth II Courts of Law and are managed by the Secretary of the ICLRQ.


In its centenary year, a history of the ICLRQ was published by the Supreme Court of Queensland Library:  Helen Gregory Capturing Law and History: One Hundred Years of Queensland Law Reporting (SCQL, 2007).