The Queensland Reports seeks to report the key judgments of the Supreme Court of Queensland – from both the Trial Division and the Court of Appeal.  Conventionally, there are 60-80 judgments reported each year, in about 1200 pages of printed text.


The principal features of the judgments in the Queensland Reports are:


  • Selective – The reports contain only those cases chosen by the Senior Editor as redefining or clarifying the law.  From about 800 judgments delivered every year, only about 60-80 are selected for reporting.
  • Classified – Reported judgments all include catchwords which index the main points decided by the judgment in conformity with the unique system of classification which was adopted in the Australian Digest.
  • Summary of Judgment -To allow for efficient use of the judgments, a succinct summary of the key facts and conclusions in the judgment are summarised in the headnote.  The headnote contains cross-references to the key paragraphs of the judgment which establish the propositions noted.  All headnotes are prepared by a Reporter and checked for accuracy by the Editor.
  • Summary of Argument – In cases before the Court of Appeal, the report includes a summary of argument and a list of the cases cited.
  • Accurate – The text of all reported judgments has been checked to correct any inaccuracy in citations, quotes or typographical content.
  • Authorised –  All draft reports are submitted to the deciding Judges for their consideration, and correction where appropriate, before publication.
  • Timely – Despite the number of processes involved, the policy of the ICLRQ is to publish reports of new judgments within six clear months.
  • Moderate Cost –  Pursuant to the ICLRQ’s constitution, it is obliged to publish the Queensland Reports at a moderate cost.