Admission Notices

The requirements for giving notice of intention to apply for admission to the legal profession are found in:


  • Admission Information Kit provided by the Legal Practitioners Admissions Board via the Queensland Law Society website; and in
  • Rules 12 and 12A of the Supreme Court (Admission) Rules 2004 (Qld) (‘the Admission Rules’).




Prepare and draft Form 9, which sets out the required layout of the notice. Form 9 is as follows:



NOTE: Form 9 does not seek to deal with every complication which may arise in every individual case. Accordingly, the appropriate form of notice to be used in each individual case is a matter for legal advice. The ICLRQ regrets that it cannot provide advice with regards to the content or the drafting of Admission notices. As such, any questions related to applying for admission to the legal profession in Queensland should be directed to the Legal Practitioners Admissions Board.




Arrange for the Notice to be submitted for publication – in SUFFICIENT time to meet the relevant publication deadline:


  • It is important to note that, for the purposes of satisfying the requirements of the Admission Rules, it is sufficient for the public notice to be placed only in the Queensland Law Reporter.
  • The notice must appear in an edition of the QLR published “at least 14 but not more than 28 days before the sittings in which the person intends to apply for admission.”
    • ‘at least 14 days’ means up to and including the 14th day. ‘Days’ refer to calendar days, not business days.
    • Please refer to the Queensland Law Society website for the important dates, especially regarding advertising requirements. All other admission-related queries must be directed to the Legal Practitioners Admissions Board.
  • The QLR is published every Friday with the deadline for payment and submission of the advertisement being the Monday prior at 3:30pm.




Submit your Notice for advertising in the QLR before the deadline:


  • Send a copy of your Form 9 in Word document text format (no signature required) to [email protected];
  • Please note if you hand deliver your notice you are still required to submit your notice in Word Document format to [email protected] before submitting your hand delivered notice. Due to the high volume of advertising requests please be aware we may not be able to provide you a tax invoice/receipt at time of hand delivery. You will be required to complete a Credit Card Authorsation form and your payment will be processed in due course.
  • Pay the advertising fee ($161.70) either by:
    • filling out and attaching the Credit Card Authorisation Form to your email; or
    • calling our office at (07) 3236 1855 to provide your credit card details over the phone after emailing us your advertising request; and
  • Specify your preferred publication date in your email to the ICLRQ.


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