The principal publication produced by the ICLRQ is the Queensland Reports. This is a continuing printed set of over 100 bound volumes, which contains the authorised reports of the Supreme Court of Queensland from 1902.


From 1908 to 1972, the ICLRQ also published a supplementary series of reports which recorded shorter points decided by the Court, particularly practice decisions – the Queensland Weekly Notes. These reports are bound into the annual volumes of the Queensland Reports.


The full series of the Queensland Reports and the Queensland Weekly Notes is available as a set of bound volumes. These may be accessed in most major law libraries or purchased from the ICLRQ. This set is updated by regular monthly parts, which are then bound into three additional volumes of the reports each year.


The Queensland Judgments website, available at, was published in March 2018. It provides to the legal profession and the public, free of charge, a complete set of the Queensland Reports and all earlier Queensland reported judgments (from 1859) in both their original format (PDF), and in a new searchable online format. The website also provides a complete set of recent unreported Supreme Court judgments (from 2002), an appeals database, and a new Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 1999 (Qld) online service.


The volumes of the Queensland Reports since 1974 are also accessible online through two of Australia’s principal subscription-based legal websites: LexisNexis AU ( and Thomson Reuters Westlaw AU (


Since 1908, the ICLRQ has also produced a weekly publication – the Queensland Law Reporter. The QLR contains advance notice of cases which have been selected by the Editors for reporting. It also contains public notices, including those placed pursuant to the requirements of the Rules of the Supreme Court in probate matters or prior to applications for admission to the legal profession. From 2013, this publication began to be published electronically and free of charge. Back copies of recent editions of the QLR are also accessible on this website free of charge.


From 1908 to 1982, the ICLR published the Queensland Law Almanac (renamed the Queensland Legal Directory in 1975). These publications are now only available in public libraries.