Advertising in the QLR

To arrange for public notices to be published in the QLR, please arrange for ICLRQ to receive the following (by post, email or delivery) before the relevant publication deadline:


  • a hard/soft copy of the text of the notice you wish to have published;;
  • payment of $161.70 (incl GST) per standard notice; and
  • written instructions concerning the date of the QLR in which publication of the notice is requested and an email address and phone number at which you may be contacted.


Please send all hard/soft copy ads and correspondence to: PO Box 13307, George St Post Shop, Brisbane Qld 4003 or


The publication deadline is 3pm on the Monday immediately prior to the date upon which the relevant QLR is scheduled for publication. In 2018, QLRs are scheduled for publication every Friday from 12 January 2018 to 21 December 2018.


The ICLRQ regrets that it cannot advise or assist in the drafting of public notices. The ICLRQ also regrets that, after the relevant publication deadline has passed, notices can only be withdrawn or corrected with the permission of the Secretary of the ICLRQ.