Admission Notices

The requirements for giving notice of an application for admission as a legal practitioner are to be found in:


  • Supreme Court (Legal Practitioner Admission) Rules 2004 (Qld) r.12(3)(b); and in
  • Form 9 issued under these Rules - which sets out the required layout of the notice and provides guidance as to how it can be completed.


There are essentially four steps involved.


First Step


The first step is to correctly draft the notice.


The basic layout of the notice derives from the Form 9, which is set out below.


Please note, however, that the Form 9 does not seek to deal with every complication which may arise in every individual case. Accordingly, the appropriate form of notice to be used in each individual case is a matter for legal advice. The ICLRQ regrets that it is unable to provide legal advice and so cannot assist in preparing individual notices.


Second Step


The second step is to identify which publications in which the notice should appear


It is important to note that, for the purposes of satisfying the requirements of the Admission Rules, it is sufficient for the public notice to be placed only in the Queensland Law Reporter.


Third Step


The third step is to identify the correct publications in which the notice should appear.


The notice must appear in an edition of the QLR published “at least 14 but not more than 28 days before the stings at which the person applies for admission.”


Fourth Step

The fourth step is to arrange for the notice to be submitted for publication - with the ICLRQ and any relevant newspaper publisher - in sufficient time to meet the relevant publication deadline.The Practical details of how to submit the notice are in the “How to Advertise” Section of our website.

Form 9 is as follows: